SQL2Mongo: Data Migration Journey

Struggling to migrate data from SQL to MongoDB? The process of migrating data from SQL databases to MongoDB can be difficult, but this blog is here to help you. This article will show you the five key steps you need in order to assure a successful migration. We will be looking over pre-migration analysis, schema design, sizing, schema design validation, and the actual migration process.

Oracle Schema Analysis

A pre-migration analysis is a must when migrating your database from Oracle to MongoDB. Fortunately, this article educates the various aspects you should consider when creating a migration plan best optimized for your data. By creating a migration plan, you can gain a better understanding of your data and how it should be used.

Azure CosmosDB SQL API to Atlas : A Quick Insight -Part 3

Migrating an application from CosmosDB SQL to MongoDB can be difficult for users to guarantee a successful transition. Luckily, this article provides the tools and factors you should consider when attempting to transition from CosmosDB SQL to MongoDB. Using different types of converters may help users avoid various issues when transitioning.