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Key Clients

Key Clients

Proven Blueprint for Rapid Data Platform Implementation

Our blueprint can help you shorten the build-out period for data platforms across various domains. Our proven approach transforms months of platform development into days, tailored for rapid deployment in diverse industry sectors.

Streamlined Data Pipelines with Minimal Coding

PeerIslands IP enables easy construction of efficient data pipelines with reduced coding efforts, speeding up data processing. Build faster with our innovative framework, reduced coding effort while maintaining high performance.

Modernize and Optimize with Advanced Data Solutions

We help you shorten the time it takes to build out data platforms across various domains using our proven blueprint. Upgrade legacy ETL, design innovative Data Lakes—and gain comprehensive Customer 360 insights while ensuring seamless MongoDB integration.


Rapid Deployment

Expediting the data platform build-out process from months to days to transform and innovate rapidly in diverse domains.

Low-Code Solutions

Developing robust data pipelines with limited coding and leveraging proprietary technology to streamline the data engineering process.

Legacy System Modernization

Updating and transforming outdated ETL processes into modern, efficient systems that integrate seamlessly with contemporary technologies like MongoDB.

Bespoke Data Solutions

Tailoring data solutions to meet specific customer requirements like constructing advanced data lakes to implementing comprehensive Customer 360 views.

“We partnered with PeerIslands as we increased our focus on automation in many of our lanes at ALP. Through our collaboration, we are building ALP’s ABA Marketplace mobile application. This will enable our families to better communicate with ALP around the care they are receiving, and employees to better view their schedules and training.”
Asha Hamilton
Autism Learning Partners

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Up-to-date, enriched data to
increase auction price and


Azure Cosmos DB for Mongo
Series : Data Migration from Azure
Cosmos DB to Atlas — Part 4

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