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Our Products

A powerful suite of tools are designed to transform, validate, and migrate applications and data. These tools serve as an AI companion for skilled developers, accelerating legacy analysis and code refactoring. Don’t let outdated systems hinder your progress—let PeerAI drive success by combining off-the-shelf Large Language Models, Generative AI engines, and proprietary code to enhance development efficiency and automate repetitive tasks.

Migration Copilot

Seamlessly migrate legacy applications to a cloud-native modern technology stack using Generative AI.

Developer Copilot

Elevates your development productivity 12-fold, while maintaining stringent security and compliance policies.

Intelligent App Copilot

Rapidly build and ship GenAI Apps for your enterprise and tailor your tech stack and project metadata with ease.

Key Clients

“MongoDB and PeerIslands worked closely with ACI Worldwide to modernize and transform our critical business applications, and the results in this initial phase have been impressive. ACI Worldwide looks forward to continuing to work closely with MongoDB, PeerIslands, and MAAP partners through the new MongoDB AI Applications Program.”
Abe Kuruvilla
CTO, ACI Worldwide .

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Watch the demo to know how PeerAI accelerates modernization

Case Studies

Up-to-date, enriched data to
increase auction price and


How to build native CLI apps using Java, Maven, GraalVM, Picocli, JReleaser and GitHub actions

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