Intelligent App Copilot

Rapidly build Tailor-Made GenAI Applications with Robust Security, Harnessing LLM Orchestration for Seamless and Efficient Integration

Config-Driven Development

Streamline RAG and GenAI workflow creation with a configuration-based approach, enhancing flexibility and control.

Seamless Integrations

Utilize pre-built connections with LLM models and MongoDB Vector Store, ensuring efficient data management and model utilization.

Predefined Tasks

Simplify common operations with predefined tasks such as one-time data vectorization, saving time and effort.

Reusable Templates

Expedite workflow development using templates designed for recurring RAG requirements, promoting consistency and reusability.

Cosmos to MongoDB Atlas Migration

Migrate your Cosmos/Document DB to MongoDB Atlas with ease

Data Layer

Out of the box support for MongoDB API, SQL API and NoSQL API flavors of Cosmos DB.

App layer

Refactor µServices and optimize them for MongoDB Atlas.

NFR Testing

Zero Downtime Migration. Tested for ~10 TB / hour migration speed.

Functional Testing

Verifier to automatically verify accuracy of data migrated - overall counts as well as document and field level verification.

Product Demo

PeerAI’s powerful suite of products are designed to rapidly modernize your legacy
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