PeerIslands Works with MongoDB to Modernize Healthcare Conglomerate Insurance Platform

In this case study, PeerIslands and MongoDB are working together to help a Large Healthcare Conglomerate modernize its proprietary insurance and prescription eligibility platform. With the switch from DB2 to MongoDB, the conglomerate’s access to data has accelerated dramatically, reducing data upload time from hours to near instantaneous, allowing for rapid access to the data.

Helping Immediate Care Company Modernize their Database

In this case study, PeerIslands helped an immediate care company create a strong database to allow easier access of health records to all main groups of their team. With this data platform, this company reported data from the same day and tracked patients’ records when they scheduled an appointment.

Modernization of Leading RCM Company

In this case study, PeerIslands helped a leading RCM company develop and design the industry’s most sophisticated pricing engine, significantly improving their position in the industry.