Culture that defines PeerIslands

To merely say that these are unprecedented times we are living through, would be an understatement that does no justice to the choices we have had to make. Each one of us has had to break hard to revisit every aspect of our lives – how we interact, how we educate ourselves, and to a vast majority of us, how we earn our daily bread. We have essentially been challenged to rethink how we live. Addressing any kind of change has never been never easy, and with health concerns thrown into the mix, it has become that much more daunting.

On the other hand, for start-ups like ourselves, this forced opportunity at retrospection has allowed us to look at how we function at a very cultural level.

The singular idea that those of us who formed the company unanimously agreed upon was this: do right by our clients, with a sense of integrity that cannot be questioned. And that became the foundation that we built our culture upon. We are here to disrupt software engineering as it exists today, and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

To that end, each Peer is a Polyglot developer who assumes end-to-end responsibilities and is part of an organic team that does not follow a traditional reporting structure. Instead they function as self-managed pods, held together by a mentor who has the most relevant technology or domain experience required for an engagement. However, none of the teams can retain their strength and precedence if individual development isn’t supported. And so came about our discipline around self-development, where we regularly update our knowledge and skills so we continue to lead.

PeerIslands grew from this culture that is rooted in making a difference.

Having established our core culture, I’d like to highlight the five non-negotiable mainstays that serve to guide the way we work.


  1. Respect. Everyone

Some of the finest minds make up our organization. Coming as they do with their individual strengths, we realize that we need to accord each of them with the due they deserve. So also our clients and partners – everyone we work with is the best at what they do. We give them the respect they deserve, and earn ours in return.

  1. Challenge. Assumptions

One thing we’ve observed across the collective years of our leadership team is that no one can achieve greatness by being a laid-back follower. Standing up for what we believe in, for our conviction is what will make us a leader. And we aren’t afraid to challenge any assumption that delays progress toward our goals.

  1. Learn. Continually

Read. Learn. Earn a certification. Put to practice. Repeat.

I cannot place enough emphasis on the importance of this belief.  We cannot grow if we do not invest in ourselves. We cannot remain relevant, remain a leader, make a difference without that drive to be a continuous learner.

  1. Contribute. At Every Stage

We are a flat organization. What this translates to is autonomy and responsibility over a task. What this also means is that no task is ever out of scope. For anyone. Each of us takes responsibility for the entire development life cycle, and not just parts of it.

  1. Act. Results Matter

We work with an integrity that drives us to deliver results for our clients. We walk the talk, assume accountability, and roll up our sleeves to do right by our clients and honor our commitment.


I don’t mention any of this lightly, but this is an intrinsic way of life at PeerIslands. Every day.

This is not to say that it has been smooth sailing always; it hasn’t. But when I stop to think back, I’m glad we cast our culture in stone. As we navigate through all of the uncertainties of today’s world, I have every confidence that my team – that has been put through the rigor already – will continue doing what they are the best at: finding solutions to disruptive challenges.