Enjoy a differentiated lifestyle that fuels innovation

Surf, snorkel, and code.

Very few developers pass our tough standards for becoming a Peer.

Who we are and how we work are integral to our success.  Simply put, you must be driven to disrupt the status quo for software engineering.

We are a flat organization so you will have great autonomy. It also means no task will ever be out of scope for you. Each one of us takes responsibility for every aspect of the entire development life cycle.

As you challenge assumptions and push hard for results, you’ll work in an atmosphere of mutual respect among equally brilliant colleagues. You’ll continually enhance your existing skills and add to them.

If you have what it takes to be a Peer, explore our opportunities here.

Do you have:

  • Extensive development experience building microservices and serverless-architecture-based solutions across public cloud platforms and hybrid PaaS platforms?
  • Data science expertise in statistical modeling and relevant domains?
  • A history of solution innovation and cloud migration for core solutions, and legacy and on-premise applications?

Are you:

  • Enthusiastic and customer-focused?
  • A team player who can seamlessly integrate into corporate environments and cultures?
  • Looking for meaningful work and a little bit of adventure?

If yes, we can offer you:

  • The ability to work for US-based customers with a stable immigration status, and a potential for higher savings
  • A coding environment that fosters both software collaboration, and continuous learning and innovation
  • The opportunity to call the Grand Cayman, your home

Enterprise speed, skill, and quality
are yours for the taking.

PeerIslands brings you the technology, innovation,
and talent necessary for your IT transformation.

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