Culture that defines PeerIslands

To merely say that these are unprecedented times we are living through, would be an understatement that does no justice […]

In the first part of the blog, we looked at Domain Driven Design (DDD) from a practitioner’s point of view. […]

Introduction: I hope you and your families are staying safe during these are unprecedented times. Given the pandemic nature of […]

Hola Amigos! Have you ever wondered how it is to live and work next to the ocean? An elusive thought […]

What if I told you that you need to create an application that can transform a customer’s data involving multiple […]

I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to intern at PeerIslands. It has been a priceless experience working […]

Introduction Technology shapers such as Martin Fowler, Eric Evans, and Vince Vaughn have long advocated Domain Driven Design (DDD), and with good […]