How to use GraphQL to build Backend-For-Frontends (BFFs)?

Introduction: REST APIs are the defacto standard for any client-server or service to service communication. However, diverse clients bring their […]

In the past weeks, we’ve received several requests to migrate data from CosmosDB to MongoDB. I’ve been working on experimenting […]

Introduction Data Processing is critical to any system that you build. Order processing in an eCommerce system, sensor data processing […]

Introduction The Feature Flags technique was popularized by companies like Facebook and LinkedIn who wanted to release new features to […]

Organizations today look for application development that is agile and that can scale quickly as required. Modern applications architecture prefer […]

The availability of on-demand storage and compute capacity has transformed the data warehouse (DWH) marketspace, as we know it today. […]

Setting the context So far, REST-based APIs have been the preferred go-to architecture for most inter-service communications, instead of HTTP1.1 […]

Introduction Enterprises in the midst of digital transformation are being held back by monolithic, on-prem legacy applications that don’t have […]

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to lead a session at Camunda Unconference. This was a rather unique event, with an “unconference” […]