Time Series data in MongoDB

MongoDB has been the de-facto document database that has been used by many across domains and use-cases. Apart from key […]

We looked at Domain-Driven Design (DDD) for Microservices in an earlier blog. However, when you have a large and business-critical […]

“In many cases, what you’re working on doesn’t have an answer on the internet. That usually means the problem is […]

“Chaos does not mean total disorder. Chaos means a multiplicity of possibilities.” The goal of every organization is to build […]

Introduction Over the past several years, organizations have begun transforming their monolithic applications to microservices architecture, using cloud-native solutions in […]

Earlier articles Part 2 & Part 4, focused on using native tools for Initial Snapshotting & Change Streams with Kafka Mongo Sink Connectors […]

In the Second part of the article we saw Initial snapshotting of data from Azure CosmosDB for Mongo API to Atlas. Well […]

In the second part of the article we saw a simple data migration from Azure Cosmos DB to Atlas using a mongodump and mongorestore commands. In […]

In Part 1 of the blog series on migrating data from CosmoDB, we created Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB API, […]